Minnesota Zoo

    The Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley exists to connect people, animals and the natural world. Cutting-edge exhibits provide exciting experiences with animals and their habitats introducing guests to species from around the globe. The Zoo is home to over 4,300 animals, representing 534+ species. Exhibits are arrayed in six themed areas, including themed walking trails ranging from one to two miles in length:

    • Medtronic Minnesota Trail, an indoor/outdoor walking trail featuring animals native to Minnesota
    • Northern Trail, an outdoor walking trail featuring animals of the Northern Hemisphere
    • Tropics Trail, an indoor walking trail featuring animals from the tropics
    • Discovery Bay, an indoor gallery themed around marine wildlife
    • Russia's Grizzly Coast, an indoor/outdoor, state of the art exhibit featuring animals from Russia's Far East and the Kamchatka Peninsula.
    • Wells Fargo Family Farm, a seasonal section of the Northern Trail themed around farm animals


    Learn more about upcoming events at the Minnesota Zoo (located in Apple Valley, MN) on our website.

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Phone : (952) 431-9200
Website : http://www.mnzoo.org
Email : [email protected]

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